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Usage of Personal Information

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. We utilize personal administrative data, including your name, address, and phone number, solely for the purpose of answering any requests or inquiries submitted, as well as processing and fulfilling your orders. We pledge to use your information responsibly and only share it when necessary to complete your request.

Sales Tax

In compliance with local tax laws, sales taxes are calculated based on the current rate in our place of business in Chicago, Illinois, which is presently 10.25%. As a growing small business, we only accept digital payments. This practice ensures accurate tracking and handling of tax obligations, thereby supporting our commitment to legal and financial transparency.

Fees for Digital Payments

Please note that when opting for digital payment methods, you are subject to standard digital processing fees. These fees are levied by our payment processing provider, Square, and are currently set at 2.9% plus an additional 30¢ for each online transaction.

Limitation of Liability and Liability of Third-Party Payment Applications

We want to clarify the extent of our liability in two important aspects: general limitation of liability and the specific liability related to third-party payment applications. We use third-party payment processing applications, such as Square and PayPal, to facilitate transactions on our website. Please note that the use of these third-party payment applications is subject to their respective terms and conditions, privacy policies, and security measures.

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Changes to Terms

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